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Paid Search

Paid search is the traditional cornerstone of digital marketing channels and Google AdWords PPC(Pay-Per-Click) is the foundation. Of all forms of digital marketing search engine PPC may represent the clearest indication of prospective customer and user intent of any media and for this reason Google leads convert so well. Our PPC account management services are designed to help you grow your business, find new opportunities and reduce campaign costs.

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Keyword Research

Find how people are searching for your products, estimate market opportunities and plan a killer, data based strategy.

New Account Set Up

Whether it’s developing a paid search strategy from scratch and setting up an AdWords account for the first time or looking for new opportunities with Microsoft AdCenter your bases are covered.

Bid Management

We use our experience to implement both manual bids and advanced algorithmic strategies to generate the best results for your given campaign objectives.

Ad Copy & Landing Page Testing

With your input we develop and test the most effective ad copy and landing page copy to generate high converting campaigns. Our experienced translators also write copy for campaigns targeting the Brazilian and Hispanic Latin markets.

Mobile Ad Strategy

Since becoming the primary means of Internet access developing a strategy for mobile users is a key part of PPC success.

Remarketing on Search

Advanced remarketing strategies for search allow us to reach site visitors during the search journey with more aggressive bids and relevant ad copy.

Shopping Campaigns

We run our search shopping campaigns at the sku level and are experts on optimizing Shopping feeds as they word together with traditional search ads.