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Paid Social

Gone is the world of hiring a college student to post Facebook posts that got little exposure and generated even fewer leads and website visitors. Facebook and Instagram paid advertising campaigns represent some of the hottest opportunities to increase online sales and generate leads. Paid social campaigns are coming into their own representing a solid complement to paid search ads and many times a cheaper alternative. Let us be your guide in generating new business from social media.

Detailed Services

Strategy & Funnel Creation

Facebook & social media advertising require a well thought out strategy in order to drive revenue or leads. It varies from business to business. We are here to select and implement the one best for your business.

Audience Targeting

The power in Facebook & audience targeting lies in the granularity of the data. We find highly relevant audiences for your objective.


We’ll design targeting that combines interests with specific products to maximize sales.

Bid Management

Bid management experts who can select the best strategy from a slew of powerful AI tools.

Lead Ads - Lead Generation

If your business runs on new leads and you aren’t on Facebook, let’s talk. You will be surprised by Facebook’s latest updates.

Dynamic Product Ads

When your website visitors leave your site and browse Facebook we can use Dynamic ads to market to them the exact products they viewed on your site. Currently, dynamic ads on Facebook are available for eCommerce, Travel, Autos and Real Estate.