Search Engine Optimization

There are many misconceptions about Search Engine Optimization however two facts are that no one can guarantee you a ranking and that a questionable SEO firm can actually damage your website's rankings.

While many of the traditional SEO techniques are still useful today, including keyword research and on page optimization these are only a small part of a constantly evolving online ranking system. We do not sell services such as 100 links for x dollars or 1000 links in 3 weeks. We have what we believe is a more effective strategy. Online Visibility, Inc can develop a sustainable long term strategy for your business that focuses on developing useful resources for your visitors and promotional strategies that will naturally attract links and attention from users across the web.  We will do a full SEO audit on your website to determine where you currently stand, what needs to be fixed and what the best solution will be to drive targeted visitors to your site. If you feel you have a quality product that people should know about then contact us to obtain a quote.

Detailed Services

Keyword Research

SEO starts with extensive keyword research and analysis of current rankings and opportunities.

On-Page SEO / Meta Tag

This is a time tested fundamental. Without it everything else is lost.

Off-Page SEO

Once the fundamentals are in place links come into play.

Content Strategy

Meaningful content that provides value and educates a target market is key for developing a strong audience and improving rankings.

Technical SEO

Large sites with hundreds or thousands of CMS driven urls can present an added challenge from an SEO standpoint both in terms of complexity and strategy. We can design a well rounded approach that gets results.

New Website Launches

Don’t become a victim. It’s common practice to hire a web development firm that builds a new website without consideration for SEO factors. Upon launch the existing site is removed and the business loses it’s rankings and traffic for months sometimes years. As experienced professionals we can guide you around these dangers.

Rich Snippets / Micro Data

You may have seen these highlights in the search results. They provide a better user experience and help your site stand out. Ask us how!